Getting hurt on the job is much easier than most people realize. While the number of non-fatal workplace injuries has dropped significantly since 1970, millions of work-related injuries and illnesses still occur each year. Don’t think you’re immune just because you have a “safe” desk job, either – the workplace injury risk for office workers is actually more than twice that of nonoffice workers. Fortunately, you can get the safe, drug-free pain relief and injury rehabilitation you need right here at Moore Chiropractic Health Care Center.

Work injuries can come at you from all kinds of directions. The most obvious ones are the acute work accidents such as slip and fall injuries, low back strain (often from attempting a “team lift” without the team), whiplash accidents among professional drivers, or neck/back/extremity injuries caused by falling from a ladder or an unstable chair. But work injury causes can also be more subtle in their onset. Chronic workplace injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome, text neck, plantar fasciitis, and rotator cuff tendinitis can develop from constant repetitive motions in non-ergonomic work environments.

Whether your Texas work injury is acute or chronic in nature, your employer almost certainly offers workers compensation. This state-regulated program pays for medical care when employees have been injured on the job. But to receive this coverage, you must file your claim according to all the requirements, including the proper diagnostic and treatment documentation.

That’s where Moore Chiropractic Health Care Center comes to the rescue. In addition to relieving your symptoms and restoring your physical function without drugs or surgery, we can also help you navigate the ins and outs of the worker compensation claim process. We’ll make sure you that receive thorough documentation that helps to support your claim while clearing up any questions or confusion you may have about the process. Contact us today!