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Last year my family and I started coming to Dr. Moore. She has benefited me in so many ways. The ringing in my ears has diminished a great deal. I have had fewer episodes with my condition and contribute that to Dr. Moore’s care.

P. Cook

I came to Dr. Moore with extreme back pain. Started seeing her in June of 2012. She is a miracle worker!!! I not only felt better all over, but I got pregnant shortly after and we’ve been trying for over five years! (miracle) Thank you Dr. Moore.

S. Smith

I had never seen a chiropractor before, but since visiting Moore Chiropractic I’ve noticed the adjustments have helped me to relax after my daily routine; if I had any friends I would definitely recommend Dr. Moore to them.

J. Kwak

Old, fat and in a bad wreck. I’m getting better- needed lots of care. I move better with less pain after being treated by Dr. Moore and would highly recommend her to a friend or relative. I believe Moore Chiropractic’s personal care is what sets them apart from other Chiropractors and keeps me coming back!

P. Ford

After having sciatic pain for a long while I decided to come in and try chiropractic care. Everything has been wonderful and I’m already feeling better after one week. Dr. Moore has educated me on how to correct myself in daily activities which has proven to be extremely helpful.

B. Roschetzky

This is my 25th year of chiropractic care with Dr. Moore. She is awesome! Chiropractic adjustments feel so good and give me true relief. That’s why I visit routinely and am on an affordable care plan. Dr. Moore and her staff are delightful and truly care about my health.

R. Queen

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I came here in Feb. with an injured neck from moving and painting. It took about 4 months of frequent visits and therapy, but I have now regained nearly normal range of motion with little pain. Dr. Moore and her staff are friendly, personable, and genuinely concerned about the patients. 5 stars!

C. Riddle

Hi Dr. Moore. Just a note to let you know that my neck and shoulder issues are significantly improved. I’m having no pain, and have regained almost full range of motion in my right shoulder. I am continuing with the physical therapy at home to strengthen the shoulder muscles, and I will see you when I come in for wellness adjustments.

E. Rupp

I was a circus clown and fell off a tightrope. I came to Dr. Moore for four months and she helped fix my spine and uneven hips. I was cured until an accident put me back in the clinic. I’m currently being fixed again! She has helped me improve my daily life by helping to alleviate my pain, but the most valuable aspect has been meeting the extremely nice people at the clinic.

J. Maynard

I’ve had experiences with other chiropractors and I never enjoyed the experience; however, I found Dr. Moore and have been seeing her for over 8 years now. Dr. Moore is really a wonderful person with a ridiculously lively personality, a true life specialist, and I recommend her to all of my friends and family many of which continue to see her today. I bring my mother who is 82 years old and she has been with Dr. Moore for 7 years now. She loves her very much!

G. Tesu

I had suffered two whiplash injuries from two car accidents in the last three years and Dr. Moore’s treatment has been instrumental in my recovery. I really appreciate the relief of pain and discomfort I feel prior to each appointment I have with Dr. Moore. I love her beautiful space with wonderful staff and receiving massages in conjunction with chiropractic adjustments helped a lot in healing my injuries.

K. Yi-O'Kelly

I’ve been a patient of Dr. Moore’s for 7+ years. I have been treated for both neck and back pain. She is always very professional and friendly and best of all she makes my body feel so much better. I would highly recommend her practice to anyone. The entire staff is always friendly. As long as Michele is in practice she’ll have me as her loyal patient.

K. Nelson

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I’ve been seeing Michele for about a year and a half and it changed my life. I’ve had back and shoulder problems for years even shoulder surgery, but nothing gave me as much relief as an adjustment followed by a therapy treatment. I should come more often, but my night work makes it hard so I try to fit in an adjustment once a month. I have had experience in Chiropractic care, but Michele and the staff are the best. I have recommended several friends and relatives and will continue to do so!

S. Helies

When I first came to Dr. Moore over 20 years ago I could not turn my neck at all, after her care for me and adjustments I almost felt I could spin my head completely around. I am back 20 years later barely walking for 3 years in major pain. Today I am pain free and walking great. Moore Chiropractic has very much improved my daily life and I have recommended both friends and relatives to experience the same. I have found that Dr. Moore’s genuine care, love and great smile is what sets this place apart!

K. Neal

I was introduced to Michele after her presentation at the Village Christian Apartments, where I reside. I have battled numerous and sometimes severe pains in my back, hips, legs, and neck. I have been a regular patient of Dr. Moore’s and she has helped me in numerous ways. She is proactive with all things concerning your health, and always offers great advice (and relief)!! She and her staff show everyone the utmost level of concern as they are by far the most compassionate and attentive bunch I have had the pleasure of being treated by. I love them all!

D. Sweet

I had a car accident & was in pain for several days when I decided to go to the internet to find a chiropractor Dr. Moore was the 2nd one I read & liked the name (no relation!) so my decision was made. It was also close by. From the 1st day I felt somewhat better and the progress continues with each visit. The staff is very knowledgeable & so pleasant. I love coming to my appointments! I am now feeling more centered and in tune with my body especially since Dr. Moore also dedicates her time educating me about my own health. I have recommended her practice to friends and relatives and will continue to! I consider the overall feeling when I leave as the most valuable aspect of my experience at Moore Chiropractic because it really sets the tone for the rest of my day since I make my appointments before work. The staff and Dr. Moore are just awesome. The adjustments are the best I’ve had — just go see for yourself.

M. Moore

We are thrilled with Dr. Moore — we came to her practice after my 12 year old daughter had migraine headaches…she’d been through the pediatrician, x-rays, CT scan, MRI; an allergist who put her on an antihistamine, and a neurologist who put her on seizure prevention medication. The neurologist was about to put Natalie in the hospital on a pain drip when I thought “Call a chiropractor!” Dr. Moore’s staff worked us in that day — a positive result from day 1! No prescription medicines — she’s back in the swing of things and back into synchronized swimming — we thought her life had changed forever with the onset of those migraines — we’re grateful for Dr. Moore. It was a no brainer when her twin sister complained of a sore hip — now both girls go for regular adjustments — Natalie is headache fee and they are both more flexible in and out of the water — with fewer injuries.

J. Crider

I have been going to Dr. Moore on and off for 16 years. I first started going to her because of headaches caused by working on the computer too many hours/day. This is a problem that I continue to see her for and she continues to help me with. As I age, every new pain that comes up gets to be addressed by Dr. Moore. She always helps me feel better. I have found that if I would see her on a regular basis for maintenance, I have fewer problems with serious aches and pains. I will never forget the time that I thought I had a rib out of place and went to see Dr. Moore for a couple of days and it just didn’t seem to be getting any better. Dr. Moore did an x-ray and found that I had walking pneumonia, so she sent me directly to the hospital. I appreciate that she will tell me when I need to go see a different doctor. I even trust Dr. Moore to adjust my children whenever they have been injured in sports or play. I recommend Dr. Moore to every friend that tells me about some kind of back pain, because I know that she can help them.

L. Dise

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