Fibromyalgia can be a frustrating and debilitating health challenge. If you’re struggling with the classic symptoms of this chronic pain syndrome, you may have found even getting a proper diagnosis to be an extended ordeal – and a major roadblock toward obtaining the treatment you need. But there’s another way to manage your fibromyalgia symptoms and regain your quality of life. Here at Moor Chiropractic, we can use chiropractic care to treat your symptoms promptly, safely, and naturally.

Fibromyalgia is notorious, not only for its mysterious origins but also for the sheer range of discomfort it can create. It’s hard to say why this chronic syndrome afflicts certain people. It’s believed that a biochemical imbalance may set the stage for fibromyalgia. The symptoms are certainly recognizable enough – and there are many of them. Fibromyalgia is associated with painful muscle knots that produce tender points, as well as chronic headaches/migraines, insomnia, irritable bowel syndrome, fatigue, and a cognitive fuzziness called “fibro fog.”

If you’ve been looking for fibromyalgia treatment, you may have run across a common medical roadblock. Your M.D. can’t treat fibromyalgia without an official diagnosis – which typically requires you show specific symptoms for at least 3 months. Ouch!

But here’s the good news: You don’t have to wait for that diagnosis to receive the relief you need through chiropractic care. Dr. Moore can ease many of your symptoms by correcting the underlying issues associated with fibromyalgia. For instance, cervical spinal stenosis, which can cause nerve impingement, headaches and general physical dysfunction, is quite common among fibromyalgia suffers. Chiropractic adjustments can relieve stenosis-related symptoms. They also allow your nervous system to work more normally, allowing for more normal biochemical responses and overall systemic function. You’ll sleep better, feel better, and get more joy out of life – the natural way!

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