When you think of the typical chiropractic patient, what image comes to mind? Do you envision an injured athlete, or an auto accident sufferer, or an elderly individual struggling with chronic pain? Well, there’s another category you might never have considered: kids! Children can enjoy tremendous health and wellness benefits from chiropractic screenings and adjustments. Here are four reasons your child should see a pediatric chiropractor.

pediatric chiropractor

1. Musculoskeletal problems can begin at birth. Birth can be a different process, and not just for the mother. A newborn’s passage through the birth canal can push joints of their proper positions, leaving your new baby with alignment problems that can impair physical development, balance, coordination and overall health. Our adjustment techniques are safe even for the newest of newborns!

2. Chiropractic care can help minimize childhood ailments. Alignment issues that affect the nervous system can impact every aspect of children’s health, from immune response to digestive function. A pediatric chiropractor can correct the results of life’s little bumps and spills can improve nerve function, potentially making your child less prone to ailments such as ear infections, colic, asthma and bedwetting.

3. Chiropractic care supports mental function. Childhood is a critical period for mental, cognitive, and neurological development. Sub-par nerve function due to nerve impingement can contribute to a host of behavioral and developmental issues, from hyperactivity and mood disorders to sleep and concentration problems. A chiropractor for children can identify and correct any alignment errors that might threaten your child’s happiness and productivity.

4. Screenings and adjustments can address school-age strains. The school years are also the years of heavy backpacks, high-impact sports, and the threat of scoliosis. Regular chiropractic screenings can detect such issues, and our pediatric chiropractor can then recommend or administer treatment.

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