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I was referred to Dr. Moore yesterday for back pain. I couldn’t move but a few inches in any direction, & had a constant dull deep pain in my lower back. A friend said, “Go see my chiropractor, she’ll fix you”. So I went…..As soon as you walk in, they greet you with smiling friendly faces. Everyone was so nice. Before my actual meeting with Dr. Moore, she noticed I was new, & introduced herself. Very sweet lady.

She did a quick examination, & said she already knew the problem. We did a couple of x-rays to be sure. (diagnosis was pinched nerves & my left Sacrum had rotated forward).

She put me on Tens therapy, which felt awesome. Then it was traction time. She’s a miracle worker. I felt good after leaving there, but still had a bit of pain.

Fast forward to this morning. WOW, what a difference a day/night makes. I no longer have constant pain, a lil discomfort if I twist wrong, but I can bend down again, & turn more than a few inches. Needless to say, I feel a HUGE difference.

I highly recommend Dr. Moore, the miracle worker! 🙂

Sasha S.