How many times have you heard people make dismissive blanket statements about chiropractors as if we were all the same? You wouldn’t automatically accept such statements if they were applied to “all teachers” or “all financial planners,” would you? Your choice of any trusted advisor in your life can make all the difference in the results you get from that trusted advisor. What makes Dr. Moore and the Moore Chiropractic team stand out from the crowd?

We don’t just stop pain. While some chiropractors might focus solely on the acute stage of care, alleviating your immediate symptoms through a single set of adjustments, good ones go further. The ability to correct spinal subluxation and misalignment issues allows us to address the underlying causes of aches, pains, and neurological dysfunction. By improving our patients’ nerve function, we can work to improve ADHD, PTSD, and a variety of systemic and organ problems related to poor nerve signaling.

We can support your auto accident injury case. Dr. Moore has extensive experience, not only in handling auto accident injuries but in providing patients with the documentation and evidence they need to support their legal or medical claims – including depositions and testimony as an expert witness. This can play a crucial role in helping you win your case or receive your full claim amount.

We know sports injuries. Dr. Moore specializes in sports injuries, making Moore Chiropractic an ideal place for athletes of all skill levels. Our chiropractic sports injury care not only can assist your recovery from painful sports injuries; it can also make you less vulnerable to future injuries.

We offer holistic solutions. Moore Chiropractic isn’t just about chiropractic adjustment. Dr. Moore also prescribes other natural modalities such as corrective exercises, rehabilitation, and dietary/nutritional guidance.

What more can Dr. Moore do for you?