Neck Pain

Life can be hard enough without neck pain, and yet so much of our fast paced contemporary culture creates exactly that. Neck pain affects 45% of the adult work force in this country, and it doesn’t help that our lifestyles are conducive to the problem. Time spent with our necks craned over cell phones and laptops is only worsening the situation, and stress is a problem in its own right. Muscles strain, and nerves and joints suffer from compression. Sometimes even unfortunate accidents factor into the equation. As a result, the number of people with neck problems is only expected to climb. As of now, it is already one of the most common health complaints in the nation.

The ubiquitous nature of neck pain, and problems like it, are enough to make pain management a booming industry that extends well beyond what is necessary. If more people treated their pain through the most efficient avenues possible, it is likely that problems would subside, as would pain profiteering. You don’t need to unnecessarily spend time and money on things that will only serve to prolong your problems. Seek a solution with lasting effects that will give you the relief you deserve.

Chiropractic Treatment of Neck Pain

Seeing a chiropractor can be one of the best and most natural ways to treat any kind of pain, and neck pain is no exception. If you have never pursued this avenue of relief before, then you may have a number of questions, chief among them, how will a chiropractor help me? That question can be answered by taking a closer look at what Chiropractors do.

Understand first that the mission of the chiropractor is to treat you as a person. They understand that symptoms, while troubling, are actually evidence of a larger problem. Rather than offering the temporary relief of over the counter pain medication, which treats only the symptom, they seek to heal you as a person.

Your trip to the the Moore Chiropractic Health Care Center of Austin office will start with an examination to help identify what is causing your discomfort. This evaluation might include a review of your previous medical and health history, as well x-rays. Every aspect of this initial encounter is orchestrated with the intention of creating an individualized plan to facilitate healing.

Remember that one of the goals of a chiropractor is to seek a natural solution to what ails you that will eliminate the need for unnecessary surgery or medication. Dr. Moore will work to create a healing plan that is customized to your needs. Before leaving your first appointment, you will likely receive spinal adjustments from Dr. Moore that will hopefully offer some immediate relief. These manual manipulations will be specific to your needs as a patient.

Further treatment could include tissue therapy, stretching and resistance techniques, or even massage therapy. Whatever your situation is, the Moore Chiropractic Health Care Center of Austin offers a wide range of treatment options to suit your individual needs. While all of these methods vary, the essence of an adjustment is to manipulate your spine in a way that facilitates relief from pain, as well as an increase in mobility.

To facilitate further healing, Dr. Moore may design a rehabilitation program catered to your needs. This rehabilitation regiment could involve stretches and exercises, or even lifestyle and diet recommendations. The goal of every treatment plan will be to make sure you are feeling better as quickly as possible.

Now that you know what the Moore Chiropractic Health Care Center of Austin does, the question becomes, when should you go? The answer to that question of course differs from person to person, case to case, but do remember that in some situations time is of the essence. Unfortunately, chronic neck pain is often misdiagnosed by its own victims, who attribute the discomfort to typical wear and tear that they will bounce back from in a few day’s time. While this is often true, waiting around when it isn’t can only compound the problem. Many of the things that cause neck pain are not even detectable to the untrained eye. Chances are, you will not be able to self identify whether or not you are suffering from things like nerve compression, strained muscles or joints. When you are unsure, going to see Dr. Moore early can spare you from unnecessary pain, and potentially prevent your problem from getting worse. Conversely, if you have recently sustained an injury, or been in an accident, and are fairly certain what your pain has originated from, you will also want to get in to see Dr. Moore as soon as possible. There is no point in waiting when relief is as simple as making an appointment.

When you make the decision to see a chiropractor for neck pain treatment, you are following in the footsteps of many people before you who have found relief at the hands of professionals that treat people as individuals, not just symptoms in a book. When you decide to make an appointment, you will be forming a partnership between Dr. Moore and your body. At the end of the day, whatever your plan of treatment consists of, the process will be natural. Since it is not the goal of the chiropractor to flood your system with medication, it is ultimately your own body that is doing all of the work. Dr. Moore is simply creating the circumstances for which your body can get back to working like it is supposed to.

There is no reason for you to silently suffer with neck pain, or other common ailments. People that get treated by chiropractors have an excellent chance of finding relief. If you want to be cared for by someone that does not simply treat your symptoms, but caters to you as an individual, then call the Moore Chiropractic Health Care Center of Austin at  (512) 459-5523 today.

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