Seek Chiropractic Care Immediately

It’s one of everybody’s worst nightmares – the oncoming car or sudden roadway obstacle, the too-late evasive maneuvers, the screech of brakes, and then the impact of an auto accident. If you’ve experienced this traumatic event, you may be in a lot of pain. But whether you’re hurting or not, you may be in need of an immediate chiropractic evaluation and treatment. Here at Moore Chiropractic Center, we can provide that necessary car accident care.

It’s important to understand exactly how a car accident can affect your musculoskeletal system. One of the most well-known results is whiplash, a neck injury caused by your head flying backward and then rebounding forward like the crack of a whip. This action severely over-stresses your cervical spine and neck muscles, causing soft tissue damage, herniated discs and dislocated vertebrae.

The rest of your spine is at risk as well. For instance, a sharp twisting motion beneath your safety belt can cause subluxation of the thoracic vertebrae and ribs. Toward the base of the spine, a lumbar disc herniation may compress your sciatic nerve roots, causing the back pain and leg symptoms of sciatica.

You may not feel injured at all – but don’t thank your lucky stars just yet. When you’re full of adrenalin following an auto accident, your injuries may not display symptoms for quite some time. Meanwhile, the underlying damage from the car accident is growing progressively worse as you go without treatment. This is why you should always play it safe and schedule a chiropractic screening. Dr. Moore can take X-rays and evaluate your spine for any signs of damage that might need correcting.

If you know all too well that you’re car accident has injured you, rely on Moore Chiropractic Center for safe, effective relief. The right adjustments can restore joint mobility, ease the pain, and remove nerve compression so you can return to the road!